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Our PuriFog AIR and PuriFog Biotect AV systems have been specially designed to help you clean, hygienise and disinfect any professional or domestic environment.

The Purifog AIR and PuriFog Biotect AV systems are ideal for sanitising hospitals, Doctors Surgeries, offices, transport vehicles, schools, care homes, retail outlets, and more, protecting your staff.

Purifog disinfects everything it touches and purifies the air in seconds

PuriFog AIR

PuriFog AIR is a hygienising system designed for daily use, thoroughly cleanses and makes any environment hygienic, the perfect addition to your daily sanitising process of your home or workspace.

PuriFog AIR is designed to clean and hygienise the air in any professional or domestic environment.

PuriFog Biotect AV

PuriFog Biotect AV is strong enough to disinfect all surfaces and thoroughly cleanses any environment to makes it hygienic. Purifog Biotect AV  is also recommended for disinfecting all surfaces in hospitals.

In accordance with the Guidelines given by Public Health England (PHE) Purifog Biotect AV meets the requirements for combating the present Pandemic of COVID 19

Standards: EN 1276, EN1656, EN13697, EN1657, EN14476

Why choose PuriFog?

PuriFog comes with a range of features & benefits


Combines an insurmountable anti-intrusion fog generator with a powerful cleaning tool with a hygienizing action


Thoroughly cleanses and makes any environment hygienic


You can also activate the system remotely at night from a different location

PuriFog AIR

Fog formulation based on alcohol, water, dipropylene glycol and quaternary ammonium salts

Suitable for any environment

The PuriFog AIR and PuriFog Biotect AV units come in a variety of sizes, and can be part of the sanitisation process for large warehouse spaces, smaller shop floor units, offices, or even public transport vehicles.


Got any questions about PuriFog AIR or PuriFog Biotect AV? Please click on our frequently asked questions for more information.

Once you have switched the machine on for a clean, how long does it take for the fluid to be dispersed from the machine into the room?

It takes between 5 and 70 seconds. You can re-enter to take the machine away. Purifog AIR  no PPE is required. Purifog Biotect AV needs PPE.

Will the liquid set off alarms?

Yes covers must be put on smoke sensors or fire alarm inhibited during disinfecting

What residue from the fog is left on surfaces?

Residue is not visible to naked eye micro-thin disinfectant layer left

Before the machine is switched on, do you need to seal the room in any way?

Close all windows and doors where the Purifog is being deployed.

Is the fog emitted harmful?

Safe under prescribed use and procedures.

Purifog Biotect AV must have no one present except the operator who must wear appropriate PPE.

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