Charitable Organisation Hestia Take Extra Steps to Protect Vulnerable People

Charitable Organisation Hestia Take Extra Steps to Protect Vulnerable People

For 50 years crisis charity Hestia has been supporting adults and children to a life beyond crisis. They offer support, refuge accommodation and assistance for those experiencing domestic abuse, support for people with a wide range of mental health issues, the elderly in their own home, in addition to running three Registered Care Homes. Hestia is also London’s largest provider of support for victims of modern slavery.   

In March, when the UK went into lockdown, Hestia remained vigilant in delivering support to all their clients, both on-site in accommodations services and also using virtual technology to engage with those in need across the community. The care homes and high support accommodation services required increased infection control measures due to the vulnerability of the residents and this is when they initially heard about PuriFog products and how they could provide an extra level of disinfecting and cleansing for their premises.

Matthew Markwort from PuriFog South East, visited Hestia to advise on which models from the range would be most suitable.  With some assistance from the Government Infection Control fund, Hestia ordered three Purifog Pump Pro Plus 250 units to add an extra layer of protection to their extremely high cleansing regimes. 

PuriFog disinfects all internal areas including horizontal and vertical surfaces, door handles, light switches, in fact, everything it comes into contact with. PuriFog’s unique formula provides a micro-thin layer of disinfectant on all surfaces for prolonged protection against viruses, bacteria and COVID19, giving peace of mind for everyone especially those extremely vulnerable.  

Gayle Lowery-Jones, Director of Operational Services at Hestia, was so impressed with PuriFog, its ease of use and the protection it gives and shared this with her strategic colleagues across the organisation and the decision was made for Hestia to invest in 22 more machines to use across various settings within the organisation following a campaign to raise funds from various activities carried out since the start of lockdown.

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