Frequently Asked Questions

1. Once you have switched the machine on for a clean, how long does it take for the fluid to be dispersed from the machine into the room?

It takes between 5 and 70 seconds. You can re-enter to take the machine away. Purifog AIR no PPE is required. Purifog Biotect AV needs PPE.

2. What warranty comes with the units?

Each unit comes with 2 years warranty from point of purchase.

3. Will the fog set off alarms?

Yes covers must be put on smoke sensors or fire alarm inhibited during disinfecting

4. What residue from the fog is left on surfaces?

Residue is not visible to the naked eye micro thin disinfectant layer left

5. Before the machine is switched on, do you need to seal the room in any way?

Yes, please close all windows and external doors

6. Is the fog emitted harmful?

Safe under prescribed use and procedures.

Purifog Biotect AV must have no one present except the operator who must wear appropriate PPE.

7. Will the fog damage clothing or personal items?

No, it leaves a thin layer of disinfectant, which is not visible to the human eye or touch

8. On your price there are 5 types of machine for different m3 sizes, are all 5 required?

It depends on what size area you want to disinfect

9. Are the 5 machines the same but differ by capacity or are they completely different machines ?

Same technology in all just different output

10. What are the dimensions of the machines?

Please refer to downloads section

11. What are the dimensions of liquid canisters?

Please refer to downloads section

12. Does Purifog kill COVID 19?

Purifog Biotect AV Disinfects the surfaces of 99.9% of bacteria, plus viruses and Covid-19.

13. How long before I can re-enter the building?

The Purifog should have dispersed in about 2 hrs when the fog has gone it is safe to enter

14. I have multiple rooms, on several floors. How many machines will I need?

One machine can be used as a mobile unit to do all rooms

15. How often do I need to replace fluid?

This depends how often Purifog is used and the size of your property typically a 1 litre bag in a 250 machine will last for 4 shots so up to 4 weeks

16. What PPE will I need to use?

Please refer to instructions disclaimer in the downloads

17. Who do I contact if I have a technical problem?

Please contact your reseller

18. How long is the machine warrantied for?

2 yrs

19. Purifog air or Purifog Biotect AV? How do I choose?

To clean the air in a non toxic manor then clean your surface with disinfectant choose Air.

To disinfect air and surfaces in one action choose Biotect AV.

20. Is there any residue

A micro film of Biotect AV disinfectantant will be left but not visible to the eye

21. Is Purifog safe for all fabrics

Fabrics should not be affected if the correct amount of Purifog is used if the area is over saturated then there could be an issue.

22. Will the microfilm of Purifog discolour any surfaces?

If the correct amount of Purifog is used there should be no discolouration of surfaces

23. Are the particles going to contaminate optical smoke chambers?

Smoke detectors should be covered while Purifog is in action or the alarm turned off

24. Will fire alarms need to be disabled

Smoke detectors should be covered while Purifog is in action or the alarm turned off

25. How long after using Biotect AV is it safe to reenter the area?

You can re-enter when there is no visible site of the fog which should be around 2 hrs signage must be placed on the entry exit routes to the treated area.

26. Who would need to sign the disclaimer, the installer or the end user?

Anybody using Biotect AV should sign and return the disclaimer to state they know how to safely operate Purifog Biotect AV

27. Is it odourless? Or does it have a smell to differentiate from smoke from a fire?

Purifog has a citrus smell that will not linger after the fog has gone

28. Is it possible to calculate the volume needed to cover an office and leave doors open during deployment to circulate the fog?

Please request a Purifog pricing tool it will tell you how much fog you need

29. For supermarkets, will it contaminate and fresh produce

Fresh produce should be removed before using Purifog

30. Can these be used in multi occupancy residence settings - consider shared areas, stair wells etc.

They can be used anywhere

31. Is there a safety cut off if deployed by accident?

Press the ‘A’ button on fob, turn the key switch on machine to OFF position, and then turn off the machine at mains.

32. Are there any effects or issues with ventilation or Air conditioning systems. i.e. will they need to be cleaned / flushed

Purifog should help clean the systems of viruses that are caught there and may be recirculated

33. Is it safe for Hospital environments?


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