Wet Fogging v PuriFog’s Dry Fog

Wet Fogging v PuriFog’s Dry Fog

This year’s events have brought into focus the ways we keep our places of work, leisure and homes safe from harmful virus and bacteria. With so many different products and methods available, it’s not always easy to understand the differences, so we wanted to take the opportunity to describe wet fogging and dry fogging systems and the benefits of each.

There are many companies that offer fogging services to help disinfect a space and it is important to understand the differences so you can make the right choice for your individual requirement.

Wet fogging methods require an operative dispersing a solution directly from a canister methodically moving around a room spraying surfaces that they pass. These are often done by appointment or as part of a planned cleaning schedule that requires full evacuation and thus disruption to a business. Moreover, equipment may need to be removed from the room or area so it doesn’t get harmed (such as delicate electronic equipment). Operatives can often be seen in full PPE and they walk around an area dispersing a wet disinfectant fog onto surfaces.

Wet fogging systems can take hours to complete and often need a room to be fully vacated during application and then for many hours after to allow the product to dry and settle.

In contrast, PuriFog, use finer microscopic droplets that disperse in the air and on surfaces and they can be operated remotely, or from a timed unit. Dry fogging dispersal methods also don’t need time to dry and as the droplets are so fine it disinfects the air as well as every surface it touches. PuriFog, can also cover huge areas in just a few seconds and it is also safe to use on electronic equipment, paperwork, clothing, furniture and leaves no visible residue.

The main difference between wet and dry fogging machines is the size of the droplets and the way these droplets disperse when distributed. Many wet fogging units typically disperse droplets around 20-30 microns and dry units around 10-15 microns. However, PuriFog dispenses fog droplets of just 1 micron, that uniformly disperse in the air, reaching virus and bacteria on all horizontal and vertical surfaces – no matter how hidden away.

Droplets of just 1 micron means that as it moves through the air it connects with and drags down every single microparticle and bacteria or virus that is in the air. This makes PuriFog more than 1700 times more effective than normal spray or hand-powered wet fogging machines.  

PuriFog Air and PuriFog Biotect AV use a unique system in both its formula and the way it is dispensed, not even the smallest corner is untouched due to the fine particles and covers all areas floor to ceiling for total peace of mind.

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