Health Club members benefit from regular PuriFog Sanitisation

Health Club members benefit from regular PuriFog Sanitisation

Berkshire based health club uses Purifog to regularly sanitise communal areas and equipment since it re-opened in September.

Herongate Club is a private family owned independent health club, that provides gym and health facilities in Hungerford, installed PuriFog units to help sanitise their newly refurbished facilities in preparation for opening.

Mark Ranson, Club Director of Herongate Club explained that although reopening has been a challenge, their priority was to ensure that visitors felt safe to return to fitness; “The UK lockdown has allowed us to reset, refurbish and redecorate our facilities ready to open the doors to our members. After investing in a new club wide air conditioning system featuring 100% fresh air circulation and other equipment we are really proud of our club and were so pleased to welcome people back.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to our members, we have installed PuriFog units that we initialise remotely on a weekly basis as part of our deep clean routine. PuriFog is used to sanitise the fitness studios, changing rooms and equipment and gives us and our members peace of mind.

“Since re-opening, we have received lots of positive feedback from members as they know they can visit and train in a safe and clean environment.”

Darren Williams is the sales manager of QuikSwitch which is the company that installed PuriFog at Herongate Club, described how they are committed to advising their clients on how to reopen safely as part of their wider relationship; “QuikSwitch is a strategic partner of ukactive and we worked closely with Mark at Herongate Club to find the right solutions to help them safely re-open.

“The Health Club needed a specific sanitising product that would work with their regular deep clean in line with government guidance. The PuriFog product specification was perfect for this treatment and provides regular enhanced sanitising for every room within the club.”

PuriFog is designed to clean and hygienize any indoor environment with an estimated efficiency of more than 1700 times higher than a normal spray. The special formulation provides micron-sized fog droplets that uniformly diffuse in the air, enabling it to reach all possible cracks, angles and surfaces – even vertical- leaving nothing untouched.

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