PuriFog Biotect AV

Disinfects the surfaces from Viruses at the click of a button

PuriFog Biotect AV systems have been specially designed to help you clean, hygienise and disinfect any professional or domestic environment.


Disinfects surfaces from COVID 19 in accordance with Public Health England.

Designed to protect your health

PuriFog Biotect AV is the strongest version in the PuriFog range to help combat the present pandemic of COVID-19 and is strong enough to even disinfect all surfaces within a hospital plus deep clean and hygienises the air.

PuriFog Biotect AV must not be breathed in, therefore workspaces homes and vehicles must be vacant while PuriFog Biotect AV is emitting fog and whilst the fog is present.

EN14476  Disinfectant of viruses and enveloped viruses

EN 1276 Tested on bacteria

EN13697 Tested on fungus


EN1656 Tested on bacteria

EN1657 Tested on fungus


The PuriFog Biotect AV product range

PuriFog Biotect AV is available in a range of sizes with varying levels of dispensing capacity.

Modular 200

Pump Pro Plus 250

Pump Pro Plus 500

Pump Pro Plus 1500

Pump Pro Plus 4000

Pump Pro Plus 250 with Remote Control Fob

Pump Pro Plus 500 with Remote Control Fob

Pump Pro Plus 1500 with Remote Control Fob

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    How PuriFog Biotect AV works

    PuriFog Biotect AV is designed to clean and hygienise any professional or domestic environment due to the micron-sized sprayed droplets, that thanks to the uniform diffusion in the air, enabling it to reach all possible cracks, angles and surfaces (even vertical). This is due to the micron size fog droplets that uniformly disperse in the air, reaching all horizontal and vertical surfaces leaving nothing untouched.

    Standard spray systems generally produce millimetre droplets that settle very quickly on horizontal surfaces and have a very low diffusion due to their size and weight. Therefore the likelihood of capturing particles suspended in the air is very low. As a result, it is extremely difficult to achieve a good hygienisation of the environment treated.

    Standard spray

    PuriFog Biotect AV

    Public Health England – Guidelines.

    Principles of cleaning after an individual with symptoms of, or confirmed COVID-19, the case has left the setting or area.

    If an alternative disinfectant is used within the organisation ensure that it is effective against enveloped viruses. (Reference Public Health England PHE) Purifog Biotect AV is effective against enveloped viruses.

    Purifog Biotect AV has been tested against enveloped viruses please see the Purifog Biotect AV product sheet in the download centre EN14476 is the test against Virus including enveloped viruses tested on Polio Virus and Adenovirus.

    The Sanitisation Process

    Where does PuriFog Biotect AV sit in the sanitisation process?


    Shoot the Purifog Biotect AV and allow it to condense in the room. This will disinfect all surface areas of your premise including all horizontal and vertical surfaces. Purifog Biotect AV is a dry fog and safe to use over, PCs, electronics, paperwork, clothing, furniture and leaves no visible residue. PPE must be worn.

    Suitable for any environment

    PuriFog Biotect AV comes in a variety of sizes, and can be part of the sanitisation process for large warehouse spaces, smaller shop floor units, offices, or even public transport vehicles.

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