PuriFog helps Schools to Re-Open

PuriFog helps Schools to Re-Open

Recently Purifog was used in a Nottinghamshire school to make sure it was ready to re-open for the new term.

Keystone Resource, a cleaning company based in Nottinghamshire, was engaged to provide specialist cleaning to ensure the school was all set to welcome students back to begin their new academic year.

As with all public buildings, schools need to ensure that they are fully compliant with the latest in Government guidelines to provide a safe and cleansed environment. Keystone Resource used a PuriFog 1500 unit that disinfects surfaces from 99.9% of bacteria, plus viruses and microparticle pollution.

Mr Uyi Alarezomo, Marketing Manager of Keystone Resource commented; “Having the accountability of cleaning a school ready for the students to return is a big responsibility and for this, we knew that the only product to use was the PuriFog. This efficient and effective fogging unit is safe, easy to use and is known to disinfect 99.9% of all bacteria, plus in the air and on all surfaces, no matter how hidden.

“The school consisted of more than 15 rooms, including toilets, assembly halls and classrooms, that each needed to be treated, and this was all done within an hour and without disruption to the staff who are working really hard to get everything ready to open next week.”

The Head Teacher of the school was amazed at the efficiency of PuriFog and the fact that is caused no disruption to the equipment and room layout; “We finally feel totally prepared to re-open next week knowing that every surface of every room within the school is safe a free from potentially harmful virus and bacteria. Now we are ready to open and look forward to seeing our students return back to school.”

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